About MOG

Our Story

The heart and soul of the Magnum Opus Group is said in our company slogan ... Where Lifetyle Meets LuxuryTM.

Our roots are building custom luxury homes. This is where our founders put their passion of design, lifestyle and luxury to the test and created breath taking homes that quickly became the talk of the town.

Our homes enthralled the design community, were marveled at by the surrounding neighbourhoods and, of course, were thoroughly enjoyed by the families who lived in them. But this was not enough. We challenged ourselves even further by taking the same philosophy, approach and quality and making it available for everyone.

It takes a team of dedicated professionals who are on a never ending quest for designs that rock your world and who combine quality and craftsmanship to build homes for families where legacies are born and dreams are made.

This is our ethos.
We are the Magnum Opus Group.
Join the revolution.
Settle for only the best.

Let us make your next home your castle and enjoy the pure pleasure from having lifestyle meet luxuryTM